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The AK100ii is a DAP I"ve sầu had my eye on for quite some time. At first glance, it"s obvious that it"s a premium piece of kit, with it"s clean efficient lines, unique touch screen, minimal physical interruptions, and compact kích thước. Reading up on it"s specs & the fact that it keeps (và improves) on it"s previous iteration leads one to believe sầu that for the asking price, this should be a one stop product, where a bunch of tweaking, additional cables, outboard DACs or amps shouldn"t be necessary.

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  And ya know what? It lives up khổng lồ the hype.   The Hits  Support for every lossless format under the SunUSB DAC capabilityWi-fi & Bluetooth capabilitiesSmoothest, most natural UI I"ve encountered   The Misses Physical button layoutFILE TRANSFER FOR MAC USERS   My Thoughts   To give you an idea of where I"m coming from, my mbachulski.com DAPhường history has included a plethora of iPods, a sample of Sansas, a cabịt of Colorflies, a basket of iBassos, & a few Fiquả táo. Some lượt thích the iPods, C3, và DX50 were used with additional amps và DACs, while the X3, X5, & DX90, have sầu been standalones.    For a while, the X5 was my go khổng lồ as it checked off just about everything on my danh mục. After all, most of my music is redbook chất lượng, my main headphones are very easy khổng lồ drive sầu và I have no desire to have sầu to lớn carry a giant stack of gear around. Portable audio should be portable after all!    Sound   The X5 never left me feeling like I was missing much on the sound kết thúc of things, but when a nice giảm giá khuyến mãi on a secondhvà AK100ii came up, I pulled the trigger. Figured if for whatever reason, I didn"t lượt thích it, I"d be able lớn move it along quickly. After giving it the full run-through with my RS1, GH1, & 1+2 however, there"s no doubt in my mind that the X5 has been usurped.   Starting from the bottom, the bass is truly và completely audiophile chất lượng. There"s no bloat, no over-the-top sub-bass, & no Earth-shattering mid-bass lift (unless they"re already in the recording). What I"m hearing is bass that is incredibly textured, articulate, fast, và dynamic. When called for, it can certainly bring the rumble, but that"s only when I"m listening lớn hip hop or EDM which have that sound in the recording. The AK has made me realize that the X5"s low end was a little warmer than I realized, perhaps lớn strike a happy medium between the budding audiophile & average consumer.    In a word, the midrange is... neutral. I"m definitely a mid-centric listener. My entire desktop rig is designed around the RS1"s incredible midrange. And while I loved the thichồng và lush vocals và crunchy guitars that the X5 gave me, going lớn the AK has shown me that I was losing out quite a bit on texture và depth. The 100ii doesn"t just rush voices lớn the front of the set. They stay a little further baông xã so they sound more cohesive with the rest of the traông xã, rather than isolated khổng lồ give sầu them the spotlight. I"ll admit sometimes I miss the warmth that the X5 lent lớn Norah Jones & John Mayer, but I think what I"ve gained in my nâng cấp is easing my suffering 

  Treble. Clean, airy, textured, and sometimes, a touch too clean. If there"s one sonic characteristic about the AK that gave me pause when I first received it, it was the upper over. It"s incredibly uncolored & detailed. A clear step up from the X5 & the DX90. However, every once in a while the Grados and the Tralucent would get a little abrasive on abundant cymbal crashes or peaky female vocals. I added just a bit of EQ và rolled some foam tips onto lớn my IEM"s and now we"re good khổng lồ go. Now bear in mind, I"m a little treble sensitive, so fear not, I"m not saying that this tai nghe is nails-on-a-chalkboard screechy at all. It"s overall presentation is very clean and neutral. It"s gonna give sầu you what"s on the recording. If you"ve sầu got treble-happy headphones, they"re not going khổng lồ be tamed. And if you"ve sầu got warmer cans, the extra clarity on the upper kết thúc may be a nice synergy for you! YMMV.

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  With regards to soundstage/separation/depth/etc. the AK is the best I"ve heard in a portable solution. This is where I feel lượt thích DAP"s really separate themselves and the AK shows that it"s clearly a force lớn be reckoned with. Because of that ultra-clean treble, instrument separation is excellent; leaps and bounds ahead of anything I"ve heard from Fiio or iBasso. Soundstage width is only a little above sầu average, but depth is quite good! The 100ii really shows off how capable the 1+2 is in this regard.    Function   I don"t care lớn spkết thúc too much time in this section because frankly I don"t need lớn. I read a post recently about how a company choosing khổng lồ employ the computer power of something of this caliber should make the UI almost cell-phone lượt thích and I agree... partially. If you"re trying to market a premium product, IMHO premium sound is only half the battle. A premium UI is the other half. Luckily, the Android-based UI that AK has developed is very straightforward and easy khổng lồ use. Granted there have been several firmware updates và as far as I know, they are still continuing to improve, but mine is running 1.25 and I don"t feel lượt thích anything is missing. Menus are intuitive, controls are easy, there is minimal lag, and I"ve yet lớn experience a freeze or crash. When I rolled with the X5 & the DX90, I could navigate well enough, but I definitely felt like the UI was an afterthought.    The only real qualm I have with this player is the file transfer protocol for Mac users. You have sầu to lớn tải về an ứng dụng called Android File Transfer & quite frankly, it sucks. It"s inconsistent. It"s slow. It often hangs up. And it"s incredibly limited in it"s capabilities. Makes a new DAP.. owner a little bummed that he"s got lớn try half a dozen times just to get his music on his player! Would love sầu to lớn see this little feature fixed either on AK or Android"s kết thúc.    I should also mention that the "extra" features that AK chose to include are well-done EDIT: ok and appreciated. These include wi-fi capability for streaming, Bluetooth for wireless play, and USB DAC functionality that works very smoothly. The only one I really wanted was the USB DAC, but now that I have the others, I"m certainly feeling like I got more of my money"s worth.   EDIT: Went baông xã to further confirm these & didn"t have sầu a lot of success. They worked, but were a little inconsistent. Luckily for me, I don"t use either of those functions very often.   Conclusion   In summary, the AK100ii, a.k.a. The Gatekeeper (for the lvà of portable high resolution listening) is a very well-made và designed sản phẩm that anyone (that"s ready to lớn pony up for it"s asking price) should consider. Now that it"s been out for a while, firmware is very solid, và finding one on the used market makes it even more affordable.    If you want neutral, clean sound with a slew of extra capabilities, then the Astell và Kern 100ii should be on your short list of players!
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I"m happy owner of this dap, I agree on everything và I would add that, in my opinion, a serious lack is the fact that they have sầu an tiện ích for Apple users, this Astell và Kern should have more attention for its clients....

My go-lớn player used khổng lồ be the AK100II but since I am on a Mac, the transfer capabilities eventually wore me down - I sold it và switched. You can"t overemphakích thước how badly it sucks on a Mac.