Review asus n550jv


Powerful day khổng lồ day performancePlays games surprisingly wellBlu-Ray Drive sầu includedExcellent Audio

Key Specifications

review Price: £999.9915.6-inch 1920x1080 touchscreen2.6kgIntel Chip Core i7 4700HQ 2.4GHZ Processor8GB RAM1TB 5,400rpm Hard driveBlu Ray DriveGeForce 750M Graphics

What is the ASUS N550JV?

We’ve sầu looked at a couple of desktop replacements recently, but for different reasons, the identically specced HPhường Envy Touchsmart 15 and the Toshibố Satellite P50t-A-10U didn’t vì enough to get a solid endorsement from us.

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Well now ASUS is here with a desktop replacement of its own: the N550JV is a 15.6-inch i7 máy vi tính with 8GB RAM, a Blu Ray drive và a GeForce graphics thẻ retailing for a grvà. On paper it sounds great, but how does it perform?

ASUS N550JV – Design & Build Quality

The N550JV certainly looks lượt thích a premium product. Although it’s a 15.6-inch máy tính, it’s surprisingly svelte, measuring just 27.7 millimetres thiông chồng, & its curved base & lid exude a high quality feel. Despite its thinness, it feels solidly built, và at 2.6kilogam while not unusually heavy, you will always know it’s there. The top of the máy tính is blaông xã with a brushed metal finish và just the ASUS biểu tượng logo in the centre. The underside is also black, smooth & minimadanh mục but in a plastic finish.

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Opening it up presents a whole different colour scheme with a silver keyboard area and touchpad. Around the top there are two circular buttons with a series of xanh dots around them: one is the power button và the other brings up the ASUS console – a neat Windows overlay which shows you laptop analytics at a glance. The chrome finish is for the most part quite stylish, but the keys themselves look sparkly enough khổng lồ take away some of the premium sheen for us.

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There are a number of lights below the touchpad indicating power, battery, hard disk access, locking and wi-fi. Elsewhere the connectivity is impressive: there’s an ethernet jaông chồng, an HDXiaoMI port, a mini đoạn phim out, three USB ports, a shared tai nghe và microphone jack, an SD card reader, a port for the Bang & Olufsen external mini subwoofer (more later) and a Blu Ray drive sầu. In short, there’s pretty much everything you could need here.

ASUS N550JV – Screen Quality

The N550JV comes with a 15.6-inch 1920×1080 touchscreen, & it’s pleasingly sharp, as the resolution suggests – though obviously smaller displays of the same resolution appear sharper. The flipside of this, of course, is that as a touch screen it offers a larger area for the comparatively inexact finger swipes, and is decent lớn use, especially in the Windows tablet mode areas. In desktop mode, it’s a little tougher to be accurate, but it’s not a bad performer at all, let down slightly by the slight flimsiness the screen when it should be locked in a position: tapping it will make it wobble a little bit.


Viewing angles are good – there’s very little distortion when you deviate from a head on angle as is the case with some screens, and in fact you can still see text clearly from angles long after it would be impractical to work with. The brightness is good, the colours are bright & accurate: not washed out or over-saturated, and icons look sharp too. The only downside we can find with the screen is lượt thích other touchscreens, cchiến bại inspection shows a faint gridlike meshiness over the icons. It’s not as pronounced as some we’ve sầu seen, and it doesn’t take much away from what is a generally impressive screen.