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Dell introduces a new entry-màn chơi version of its exclusive sầu portfolio of di động workstations with the Precision M2800. We tested if the concept with updated Latitude cases và AMD FirePro graphics really works.

For the original German Review, see here.

Dell uses familiar components for the new Precision M2800 and utilizes the case of theDell Latitude E6540. Besides its robust construction, it offers good expandability & was designed for professional purposes. With updated components & the professional graphics cardAMD FirePro W4170 GPU, Dell upgrades the Latitude khổng lồ thePrecision Workstation. This is a clever and inexpensive sầu approach lớn expand its hàng hóa portfolio. This solution is not unfamiliar, Dell already successfully used this concept in the case of the Dell XPS 15 UltraBook for theDell Precision M3800.

Our reviews unitis the current top version of the Precision M2800-series. For around 1,800 Euros (~$2455) you get anHãng sản xuất Intel Core i7-4810MQ CPU,AMD"s FirePro W4170 GPU, 8 GB RAM, a 128 GB Solid-State Drive and a matte Full HD panel.



Some parts are not seamlessly integrated.

As mentioned before, the case of the Precision M2800 is identical to lớn theLatitude E6540. TheTri-Metal constructionis very sturdy and once again leaves a very solid impression. The palm rest is firm, the chassis very torsion-resistant and the hinges have no problem keeping the display in position. However, somedetails of the build qualityare not so great. You can sometimes see parts that are not perfectly integrated and uneven gaps.

The weightof our reviews unit is slightly above average for 15-inch workstations weighing 2.9 kilogam (~6.4 pounds) and it is much heavier than theLenovo ThinkPad W540, for instance. You can save sầu some weight with a smaller battery và a dummy for the optical drive, but it will limit the features significantly. More impressions of the case are available in the reviews of theDell Latitude E6540.


The port variety covers all the important aspects, but we still miss some typical business ports. HDXiaoMi MI and 4x USB 3.0 are morecomtháng for consumer notebooks. DisplayPort, eSATA or FireWire on the other hand can only be used via ExpressCard. Thunderbolt is currently not available. Theport layout is very convenient and the majority of ports are at the rear area of the sides or the bachồng of the device. The card reader is at the front & easy to use.

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Left side: Kensington, HDXiaoMi MI, USB 3.0, SmartCard reader
Front: Card reader
Right side: ExpressCard/54, optical drive, wireless switch, audio in/out, 2x USB 3.0
Back: USB 3.0, LAN, card VGA, AC power
WLAN performance


The core component of the communication modules is Intel"s Dual-bvà Wireless-AC 7260. It supports the fast 802.11ac standard with a theoretical transfer rate of up lớn 867 Mbps. We determinedgood signal qualitywith a stable connection in our practical thử nghiệm. We measured WLAN performance of up to 6 MB/s with an 802.11n router and there were no unusual connection drops or range issues. Besides the mandatory webcam, Bluetooth 4.0 and a Gigabit-LAN port you also get an empty slot for aWWAN module. The necessary antennas are already integrated, so an tăng cấp should be no problem. You can also use this slot for an mSATA SSD.


Besides the usual password protections for the BIOS, the system & the files, our đánh giá unit is also equipped with a drop sensor, a SmartCard reader and Dell"s security tool Protected Workspace. The Trusted Platkhung Module & the Computrace support are integrated, but have lớn be activated in the BIOS first. Afingerprint readeris not available. You also cannot select it as an option in the online store, but it should be configurable according lớn Dell. The manufacturer actually offers several additional features apart from the less expensive configurations in the online store, which should be interesting for small và large companies in particular.


Dell"s Precision M2800 can use all the accessories from theDell Latitude E6540. Especially the system-specific programis interesting, which includes docking stations, batteries, optical drives & modules. This can be a big advantage & save sầu additional costs if you already have sầu the related devices.


You can easily remove the bottom cover after you loosen some screws. This gives you comfortable access to themost important components. Some parts lượt thích the system memory, the WWAN/mSATA slot, the primary storage solution và the modular drive bay can be upgraded. The fan is accessible & can be cleaned or replaced if necessary.


Dell equips its Precision M2800 Workstation with athree-year warranty(Base Support on the next business day). As usual, Dell offers several extensions & upgrades. Such an extension of the base tư vấn lớn 5 years, for instance, is available for almost 108 Euros (~$147, net).


The keyboard uses almost the whole width of the case và has conveniently sized keys. Even the arrow keys are comparatively large và are easy to use. Spreadsheet users will be happy about the separate numeric keypad, which improves the input of large number rows significantly. Besides a high-contrast lettering, the đầu vào also has a background illumination that can be adjusted in four steps. Dell is very restrained with FN functions & only integrates a couple of them with a xanh lettering. The keyboard is very firm, has an average travel and a convenient stroke. Frequent writers should have no problems with this input.


The kích cỡ of the touchpad (80 x 43 mm; 3.1 x 1.7 in) suggests that it is anolder model. There is not a lot of room for gestures with multiple fingers. Otherwise we lượt thích the input very much – gliding capabilities, response & the handling vị not cause any criticism. The separate buttons have a convenient rubber coating and work flawlessly. They can also be configured according lớn your own needs và combined with the TrackPoint buttons. The correspondingTrackPointworks precisely as usual & is a convenient alternative, especially with limited space lượt thích on a train ride or on the plane.