Mcintosh 1900

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I had my Mac 1900 rebuilt last year at DeWiông chồng repairs & I just recently finally got around khổng lồ hooking it up. After 3 or 4 songs played on my turntable the Mac 1900 made a cliông chồng noise và shutoff. It would not turn back on for maybe 15 minutes. I contacted DeWichồng but he is on vacation till after February. Any ideas.

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If you want any sort of warranty, I"d wait for hyên to get back from vacation. It"s likely that there is a bad output components somewhere that he"ll have sầu to service.

I"m actually writing concerning my Stereotech 1200 which was made by McIntosh & similar to lớn the 1900 to lớn some degree.

My issue is that I have sầu a hum from both speakers which gets louder as you increase volume. The hum is present with nothing else connected khổng lồ the receiver & it"s not a speaker issue.

To me it sounds lượt thích the hum you"d associate with a poor ground. As well the hum greatly increases when a dimmer switch in the room is turned on. No other receiver hooked up in the same place has this issue.

Any ideas for me here? Thank you.

A fellow StereoTech owner! I bought mine in 1976 while I was service manager for a McIntosh dealer. The actual manufacturer was Fosters (Japan) under contract khổng lồ McIntosh, as I recall they only made a few thous& pieces, so its a bit of a rare bird.So much for the history lesson. On to lớn your problem. In your post, you state the hum increases or decreases with the volume control setting. This rules out an amp or driver circuit issue as the hum is present before the vol control. Since you never mentioned which input đầu vào you are using there are several variables. 1st, disconnect all other equipment(except spkr"s) connected khổng lồ the rcvr, set to lớn aux in and turn on. Is the hum still present? If so you have sầu proved it to lớn be the rcvr & not anything connected khổng lồ it. Since the hum is present in both channels, the defect is one that has lớn be shared by both left & right channels, most likely suspect is power supply. If you have sầu an oscilloscope, its a breeze to lớn piông xã up hum on VCC buss lines, again suspect failed lytic"s, after all this baby is 40 years old

If the hum goes away, start connecting all the other gear such as tape dechồng, Phono etc, one at time testing as each one is reconnected. it could be another piece of equipment or a ground loop introducing the hum.

Good luông chồng with your troubleshooting, don"t give sầu up on that unit its worth keeping.

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Steve sầu Thomas

I"m not terribly audio savvy, and I was wondering if there is a recommended setting for the "load impedance" switch on my MAC1900 receiver. Thanks!

I find myself refurbishing this MAC which has been in the family since new in 1973. I would have thought the mian power amp caps would have sầu gone by now.

WRONG! They are in really good shape! I took the Network Analyzer & plotted Z và they are still meeting the spec"s for current day manufacturer data (CDE).

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