Đánh Giá Sniper Ghost Warrior 2

Infiltrate bases and turn skulls inkhổng lồ jelly in this well-crafted xạ thủ slặng.

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ByRichồng Lanepublished 17 June 21

(Image: © CI Games)

What is it? Sniper stealth game with massive sầu, open-ended levelsExpect to pay: $40/£35Developer: CI GamesPublisher: CI GamesReviewed On: AMD Ryzen 5 3600, Nvidia GeForce 2080 Super, 32 GB RAMMultiplayer? NoLink: Official site

Clumsy title aside, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 wastes no time getting to the good stuff. After a briefing that explains your motivations & a quickfire tutorial mission that instructs you on the fundamentals of sniping, you"re prowling the desert of Kuamar, sneaking your way to the first overlook position. Time to lớn first stealth kill? Maybe 15 minutes. Time khổng lồ first xạ thủ kill? Also 15 minutes, depending on your approach. Within half an hour you"re perched on a clifftop scoping out a container port over a kilometre away. You"ll never visit this port physically but your presence will be felt there, mainly in the cranial region.

Having gradually refined Ghost Warrior over five sầu games, developer CI Games clearly understands the experience it"s after, & Contracts 2 delivers it with a quiet confidence. You"re Raven, a crack-shot killer-for-hire dispatched khổng lồ the Middle Eastern state of Kuamar lớn prevent a war. Your target is Bibi Rashida, Kuamar"s de-facto lớn head of state after the president, her husbvà, was assassinated by a neighbouring country. Rashida"s planned military response threatens lớn destabilise the region, inflating oil prices & crippling Western economies. Your job is lớn undermine the regime by taking out Rashida"s cronies, which includes rogue hackers & disgraced SAS soldiers, before eliminating Rashidomain authority herself.


(Image credit: CI Games)

Your effort to dismantle Rashida"s regime is spread across five sầu missions. This may not sound lượt thích much, but Contracts 2"s missions are enormous. So big, in fact, they"re referred to in-game as "Regions," which is a fair appraisal. Each Region is a vast expanse of meticulously crafted terrain that includes multiple objectives and various paths between them. Some locations you visit, such as a giant medieval castle that has both an inner và outer fort, would khung the entire cấp độ in any other game.

Contracts 2"s missions are divided into lớn two categories. "Classic" contracts are familiar infiltration tasks, where you use a combination of sniping và stealth khổng lồ physically sneak inlớn locations khổng lồ assassinate targets and sabotage equipment. But newly introduced to lớn Contracts 2 are "Long Shot" contracts. These involve slipping through guard patrols khổng lồ reach designated Overlook positions, lofty perches from which you snipe at targets over a kilometre away. They aren"t simply a case of finding the target, popping their braincase, và moving on: Each long shot objective sầu is an elaborate sniping puzzle where you use your sharpshooting skills to manipulate both enemies & the environment.

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An early example involves assassinating a target at a solar farm, but the target is hiding inside the farm"s main building. To draw hyên ổn out, I had lớn first disable the farm by shooting the control boxes that enable it khổng lồ harvest electricity. Most of the boxes have multiple guards lurking nearby, which meant I also had khổng lồ take them out lớn stop them raising the alarm when the bullets struông chồng the control boxes. Every shot I took was fraught with tension, as bullets take a good five sầu seconds to lớn travel that distance, và I was never 100% certain whether a shot would hit its target, or how knocking over that particular domino might cause the rest to fall.

The puzzle-like structure of these missions elevates Contracts 2 beyond a simple head-popping simulator. The thiết kế is clearly inspired by IO"s recent Hitman trilogy. Like Hitman, these contracts are built with replayability in mind. Each mission has its own phối of challenges: killing targets in different ways, getting ten kills over a certain distance, killing ten counter-snipers with melee sneak attacks.

Succeeding in a challenge nets you additional income to spover on new weapons, weapon mods, & gadgets. The latter includes a reconnaissance drone and an automated sniping-turret designed khổng lồ enable synchronised kill-shots. I found the drone was only intermittently useful, as many locations where it feels natural to lớn deploy it are protected by invulnerable radio scramblers that render the drone inoperable. The automated turret, however, is extremely cool.

Using it is almost lượt thích playing a cooperative sầu game with yourself. You place it in a separate location so you can sync up shots on guards you otherwise can"t see. But I also liked deploying it as a backup while sneaking into lớn a facility, giving me a quiông chồng way khổng lồ giảm giá khuyến mãi with guards I suspected might cause trouble while infiltrating.