Van dijk and de ligt: klopp wants the best defence in the world

March 26, 2021 19:53

It seems touch & go as to whether Virgil van Dijk will make the Euros, but Matthijs de Ligt says there is no pressure on the injured star.

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Virgil van Dijk will ultimately make the decision on his participation at the upcoming Euros, according to his Netherlandsdefensive sầu partner Matthijs de Ligt.

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Liverpool star Van Dijk has been out since October, with the centre-baông xã having sustained a serious knee injury after a challenge from Everton và Engl& goalkeeper Jordan Pickford.

Jurgene Klopp has consistently stressed caution overthe return of Van Dijk, who stepped up his rehabilitation at a facility in Dubai before heading backlớn Merseyside.

It remains to lớn be seen whether the 29-year-old will be fit to lớn play againbefore the season is out, and as such his participation in the Euros is doubtful.

Netherlands boss Frank de Boer claimed in the build-up to Wednesday"s defeat lớn Turkey that Van Dijk had another eight weeks left on his recovery, with the Oranje coach claiming he was not relying on the former Southampton và Celtic man lớn return in time for the tournament.

De Ligt, however, was less pessimistic, with the Juventus defender revealing Van Dijk is in good spirits, & will return when he feels the time is right.

"We had a meeting yesterday, was there too," De Ligt said on Friday.

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"He looked very good, he seemed very fresh và không tính phí. Of course, I don"t know how he feels physically, he doesn"t really want khổng lồ put any pressure on himself either.

"He has a clear mind và looks at it day by day. He is calm & wants to lớn see where he"s at, atmoment the Euros are starting. I think it"simportant for hlặng khổng lồ be calm, and to lớn be able lớn recuperate from his injury without any pressure from us or from the country.

"He will decide if he will be at the Euros. If he"s there, he’s there. If he"snot there, other guys will have to lớn fill his shoes. But yesterday he looked well."

With Inter"s Stetín đồ de Vrij having contracted coronavirut, De Ligt"s former Ajax team-mateDaley Blind partnered the 21-year-old in defence against Turkey.

It was neither of the duo"s finest performances, with Burak Yilmaz scoring a hat-triông xã in a 4-2 win for Netherlands" World Cup qualification rivals.

Asked who he would prefer lớn have next to lớn hyên ổn should Van Dijk fail lớn make the Euros, De Ligt replied: "That"s a question that’s not really relevant lớn me.

"In the end, it"s the manager who decides who plays, what we need. In possession, Daley is one of the best defenders I have everplayed with.

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"Stetín đồ plays in Italy, is more physical & isstronger than Daley. So it might also depover on our opponents. We also have Nathan Ake and other guys. There are enough options.

"I might not even be playing. That"ssomething the manager decides, that depends on the game. We simply have sầu to respect the manager"sdecisions."

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