Dịch Vụ Vbs Của Viettelpost

Developed from cash on delivery, Viettel Post"s SCOD service will receive sầu, transport và expedite the goods according to the announced time, collect money on delivery, collect money on delivery, return money to lớn customers after successful delivery.

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As a service of picking up, transporting & expressing vouchers of goods & articles by road and air according khổng lồ the time announced in advance and calculated by the hour.

Là dịch vụ dấn gửi, tải cùng vạc nhanh khô hội chứng từ sản phẩm & hàng hóa, vật phđộ ẩm có vật dụng tự ưu tiên cao nhất trong các hình thức chuyển phát cùng với tiêu chuẩn thời gian ninh trình không thật 24 tiếng.

As a service of saving vouchers of goods & articles by road delivery time in days (Be suitable for goods not too urgent).

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As an international express service provided by Viettel Post in cooperation with TNT international delivery company

As a service which Viettel Post directly receives parcels, mails...etc. and connects them khổng lồ a international provider appointed by the customers
As a khung of transportation with a variety of vehicles, from small trucks to lớn large one which can ensure the transport from 200 tons to 300 tons per day.
As a warehouse rental service, freight khổng lồ minimize the cost of production, transport and distribution of goods.
As a service of gathering và transporting goods by road according lớn the mail routes of Viettel Post.
As a service that Viettel Post organizes receipt/pickupand rotation of goods from the manufacturer to the end location for customers in need
As the Viettel Post on behalf of consignors lớn carry out import/ export procedures at the customs clearance places as required by the consignors (domestic or foreign)

Viettel Post is a leading provider of domestic & international parcel courier services in Vietphái nam.

CONTACT INFOBusiness Registration Certificate No. 0104093672 issued by Hanoi Business Registration Office on July 12, 2019Transaction office: N2 Building, Km 2, Thang Long Boulevard, Me Tri Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi