What is E-visa for Vietnam?

Vietphái mạnh e-visa or Vietphái mạnh electronic visa (symbolized as EV) has been introduced by the Vietnam giới Immigration Department since February 2, 2017. This kind of Vietnamese visa is applied và issued online.

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An evisa for Vietphái nam is valid for 30 days only with a single entry only.

After 2 years of suspension due khổng lồ Covid-19, Vietnam evisa has been resumed since March 15, 2022, and following the same regulations as before Covid-19.

Who Are Eligible for Vietnam E-visa?

E visa Vietnam giới is now available for citizens of the following countries and stay in the country for no more than 30 days.

ArmeniaIcelandPapua New Guinea
Bosnia và HerzegovinaKorea (South)Romania
BulgariaLithuaniaSan Marino
ChileMacedonia The former Yugoslav ofSlovakia
Đài Loan Trung Quốc (Including Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR passport holders)(Not apply khổng lồ Chinese e-passport holders, i.e a passport having number starting with E)MaltaSlovenia
ColombiaMarshall IslandsSolotháng Islands
CubaMicronesia Federated States ofSweden
Czech RepublicMonacoTimor Leste
DenmarkMongoliaUnited Arab Emirates
EstoniaMontenegroUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
FijiMyanmarUnited States of America
GeorgiaNew ZealandVenezuela

(March 17, 2022 – Source: Vietnam giới Immigration Department)


Those who are not included in this menu should wait for further updates for a tourist visa to lớn Vietnam.

Applicable Ports of Entry for Vietnam E visa online

Holders of Vietnamese e-visas are allowed lớn enter the country through one of the following 33 ports:

Cat Bi Int Airport (Hai Phong)Bo Y LandportChan May Seaport
Cam Ranh Int Airport (Kkhô giòn Hoa)Cha Lo LandportDa Nang Seaport
Can Tho International AirportCau Treo LandportDuong Dong Seaport
Da Nang International AirportHuu Nghi LandportHon Gai Seaport
Noi Bai Int Airport (Hanoi)Ha Tien LandportHai Phong Seaport
Phu Bai Int AirportLao Bao LandportNha Trang Seaport
Tan Son Nhat Int Airport (Ho Chi Minc City)Lao Cai LandportQuy Nhon Seaport
La Lay LandportHo Chi Minc City Seaport
Moc Bai LandportVung Tau Seaport
Mong Cai Landport
Nam Can Landport
Na Meo Landport
Song Tien Landport
Tinc Bien Landport
Tay Trang Landport
Xa Mat Landport


Your entry checkpoint should be exact khổng lồ avoid any issues that you may face when boarding your flight & entering Vietphái mạnh.

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E-visa Requirements

If you are eligible for a Vietphái mạnh e visa, please make sure the following khổng lồ get the e-visa:

Passport valid for at least 6 months following arrival date và having at least 02 blank pages;Soft copies of passport personal data page và soft photoCredit cards lớn make payment online for e-visa fee, (American Express card is not accepted).

How to lớn Get Vietphái mạnh E-visa

Here comes the full process of how to lớn get an e-visa for Vietnam giới.

Sample of Vietnam giới e visa

Vietphái nam E-visa Fees và Processing time

An e-visa for Vietnam costs you 25 USD (per person).This fee is not refunded if your application is refused or your visa letter contains any wrong details since you provide incorrect details in the application form.

It normally takes 03 working days khổng lồ receive sầu the e-visa letter; however, the processing time may be affected by a large number of applicants or public holidays. As such, you should consider applying for this kind of visa 1-2 weeks before departure.

In case you need to get it faster, we can help.

Extra Notes:

Vietphái mạnh e-visa is valid for 1 month in the single entry;E-visa cost is non-refundable, so ensure your application contains full information or contains no wrong details;Your port of entry granted on your e-visa is fixed, & you cannot change it after submitting your Vietnamese e-visa application or after your visa is issued. In case you change your port of entry, a new visa should be applied;No group application is accepted. Each application is for 1 applicant only.In case you want to visit Vietnam as a tourist but you are not eligible for an e-visa for Vietphái mạnh, please reschedule your travel until a tourist visa to lớn be issued by the Vietnam embassy or on arrival is available again.