(of an image) having shapes that vì chưng not have sầu clear edges, or (of a sound, especially from a television, radio, etc.) not clear, usually because of other unwanted noises making it difficult to hear:

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However, in the genomes of higher eukaryotes, binding sites are much fuzzier than in yeast và simple motif models are unlikely lớn yield meaningful results.
Certainly, one can object that this definition is somewhat fuzzier than the wider, more general definition of innovations as the introduction of all novel combinations.
At all these levels, oral history remains the fuzziest, the most problematic & the most subjective of all historical disciplines.
The nearer a value is to lớn 0 or 1 the crisper it is; the nearer it is khổng lồ 0.5 (the middle value of the range) the fuzzier it is.
Thus, the results of fuzzy k-means clustering are naturally suited for biologists lớn use in an intuitive & physiologically meaningful way.
However, as system complexity increases, reliable fuzzy rules & membership functions for describing the system"s behavior become difficult to lớn determine.
A paradigm for learning fuzzy rules is described và demonstrated on the water bath temperature control problem.
In order to assess the per formance of the fuzzy rule set, it is tested with different initial conditions.
The decision table mentioned in the previous section has been widely used in the kiến thiết of a fuzzy system.
According to the author, this is another piece of evidence that shows that the distinction between modals and full verbs is fuzzy.
An adaptive fuzzy control scheme is proposed in reference <10> for compensating the nonlinear gravity component of a manipulator dynamics.

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