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word /wə:d/ danh từ từlớn translate word for word: dịch theo từng tự một khẩu ca, lờibig words: mọi lời huênh hoang ba hoa, phần lớn lời loè bịpa man of few words: một tín đồ ít nóiin other words: nói phương pháp khácin so many words: nói đúng như thế, nói toạc móng heo raby word of mouth: bởi lời nói; truyền khẩuspoken word: lời nóiI want a word with you: tôi mong muốn nói cùng với anh một điềuhigh (hard, warm, hot, sharp) words: tiếng nói nặngburning words: lời lẽ nhiệt huyết kích độngwild & whirling word: lời lẽ thiếu quan tâm đến, khẩu ca tếuto lớn have no word for: chần chờ nói ráng nào vềbeyond words: không nói được, quan yếu tả xiết lời tin báo, tin tức, lời nhắnto lớn leave sầu word that: đưa thông tin rằng, báo rằngword came that: fan ta cung cấp tin rằng lời hứa, lờilớn be as good as one"s word: làm nhiều hơn sẽ hứa hẹn, nói ít làm nhiềuto lớn give sầu one"s word: hứato keep one"s word: giữ lời hứaa man of his word: fan giữ lại lời hứaupon my word: xin mang danh dự cơ mà thề lệnh, khẩu hiệuto give sầu the word to vì something: ra lệnh có tác dụng điều gì (số nhiều) sự biện hộ nhau, lời qua giờ lạilớn have words with: bào chữa nhau vớithey had words: chúng ta vẫn có lời qua giờ lại với nhaulớn proceed from words to lớn blows: trường đoản cú ôm đồm nhau cho tiến công nhauat a word lập tứcgo give sầu someone one"s good word reviews ai (làm cho công tác gì...)hard words break no bonesfine words butter no parsnipswords are but wind khẩu ca ko ăn nhằm gì (đối với hành động)not to lớn have sầu a word lớn throw at a dog (xem) dogthe last word in kiểu dáng mới nhất về (cái gì); thành quả mới nhất về (dòng gì)on (with) the word vừa nói (là làm cho ngay)to lớn say a good word for gượng nhẹ, nói hộ khen ngợikhổng lồ suit the action lớn the word tiến hành ngay lập tức lời doạ dẫm; triển khai ngay lập tức lời hứaa word in (out of) season lời nói đúng (ko đúng) lúca word lớn the wise so với một fan khôn một lời cũng đủthe Word of God; God"s Word (tôn giáo) sách Phúc âm ngoại hễ từ tuyên bố, nói lên, phân bua, diễn tảlớn word an idea: tuyên bố một ý kiến
Lĩnh vực: tân oán & tinthông tin trong khốiCOBOL wordtừ bỏ COBOLCompare word String (CMPS)đối chiếu chuỗi từGOTO key wordtừ bỏ khóa GOTOaccess control wordtừ bỏ điều khiển truy vấn cậpaddress wordtự địa chỉalias key wordchìa chữ phú danhautomatic word selectionsự lựa chọn từ bỏ tự độngautomatic word wrap-aroundsự xuống hàng từ độngaveraging word of a texttừ vừa đủ của văn bảnbloông xã description wordtừ bỏ biểu đạt khốichannel address word (CAW)trường đoản cú ảnh hưởng kênhchannel commvà word (CCW)từ bỏ lệnh hướng dẫn kênhchannel command word translationdịch trường đoản cú có lệnh kênh

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): word, words, wording, word, reword, wordy, worded, wordless

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): word, words, wording, word, reword, wordy, worded, wordless

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Từ điển Collocation

word noun

1 unit of language

ADJ. two-letter, three-letter, etc. | monosyllabic, disyllabic | two-syllable, three-syllable, etc. | big, long He uses big words khổng lồ impress people. | compound | native sầu | borrowed, loan When a new fruit is first imported, its name is usually also imported as a loan word. | foreign | content, function | exact, precise, very His exact words were, ‘There"s nothing we can vị about it.’ Those were her very words. | clear, plain | ambiguous | abstract, concrete | everyday I find even everyday words difficult to lớn spell. | archaic, obsolete | key He wrote down a few key words lớn help him remember what lớn say. | right, wrong You can"t always find the right word when you"re translating. | dirty, four-letter, naughty, obscene, rude, taboo The play is full of four-letter words. Work is a dirty word khổng lồ Frank. (see also swear word) | famous, household, immortal His name has become a household word since he first appeared in the series. the immortal words of Neil Armsvào as he stepped onto the moon | code The police use code words for their major operations. | buzz (also buzzword), vogue E-marketing is the current buzzword. | spoken, written She combines visual images & the spoken word khổng lồ great effect in her presentations.

VERB + WORD have Spanish has no word for ‘understatement’. | say, speak, use, utter He uses lots of long words. Every word he utters is treated as sacred text. | pronounce How is this word pronounced? | mispronounce | spell | misspell ‘Necessary’ is one of the most commonly misspelt words in English. | write | hear, read | mishear, misread I misheard the word ‘sick’ as ‘thick’. | know, underst& | look up She looked the word up in the dictionary. | find | coin The word ‘e-commerce’ was coined to refer to business done over the Internet. | cross out, erase, rub out

WORD + VERB mean sth | refer khổng lồ sth, relate to lớn sth | convey sth, describe sth, express sth words describing body parts Words can"t express how happy I am. | imply sth | denote sth Bold words denote chapter headings. | carry sth, have sầu sth The same word can carry numerous meanings. The word has two meanings. | be derived from sth, come/derive from sth The word derives from a Norse word meaning ‘eye of the wind’. | begin (with sth), kết thúc (in/with sth) What"s a word beginning with ‘c’ that means ‘a small wood’? | fail sb Words fail me (= I cannot express how I feel).

WORD + NOUN game

PREP.. in sb"s ~s The students had lớn retell the story in their own words. | ~ for What"s the French word for ‘snail’?

PHRASES in all senses of the word She was a true friend in all senses of the word. | in other words They"re letting me go?in other words, I"ve been sacked. | in so many words They told me in so many words (= directly) that I was no longer needed. | in the true sense of the word People who overeat are not addicts in the true sense of the word. | in words of one syllable (= using very simple language) Could you say that again in words of one syllable? | word for word (= exactly) He repeated word for word what the boy had said lớn him.

2 sth you say

ADJ. quick | quiet The manager had a quiet word with Alison, and she gave sầu hyên no more problems. | good, friendly, kind He hasn"t a good word to lớn say for anybody toàn thân. | bad, unkind | angry, bitter, blunt, choice (ironic), cross, cruel, hard, harsh, heated, hurtful, svào | polite No polite words of gratitude came. | flattering, honeyed | empty, fine (ironic), meaningless Despite all their fine words, the council have sầu never done anything lớn improve sầu road safety. | weasel The government"s promises on nurses" pay turned out to lớn be weasel words (= deliberately unclear). | bold, brave sầu Despite his brave words, I don"t believe sầu he can save sầu the factory from closure. | wise | well-chosen He ruined her self-confidence with a few well-chosen words. | cautionary A few cautionary words are necessary regarding driving abroad. | soft, whispered They exchanged whispered words of love. | unspoken The look in her eyes filled in the unspoken words in her sentence. | dying, last Her last words were for her children. | final, last The Chairman always has the last word (= the final decision) on financial decisions. | fateful Seconds after uttering the fateful words ‘this is easy’, he crashed. | prophetic | magic

VERB + WORD have I"ve had a few words with John, và he"s quite happy for you to lớn stay. She had some harsh words khổng lồ say about her colleagues. | put in, say, speak, utter If you run inkhổng lồ the boss, put in a good word for me! Before we begin, I"d like khổng lồ say a few words about who I am. Nobody"s uttered a word khổng lồ me about it. | give sầu, say Just say the word and I"ll go. | mumble, mutter | slur I knew he"d been drinking because he was slurring his words. | spit (out) She was so furious, she almost spat the words out: ‘You idiot!’ | bandy, exchange, have I usually exchange a few words with my neighbour when I see hyên ổn. Words were exchanged (= there was an argument). | find He couldn"t find the words to lớn thank her enough. | choose, piông chồng He chose his words carefully when commenting on her work. | quote | distort, twist She felt angry at how the journacác mục had twisted her words. | hang on The journalists hung on his every word as he spoke of his orgiảm giá. | eat, take back When he told her she would fail, she swore she would make hlặng eat his words. | not mince He doesn"t mince his words when he talks about his ex-boss. | not breathe Don"t breathe a word to lớn anyone about what I"ve told you!

WORD + VERB conjure sth up, evoke sth Her words conjured up a strange picture in her mind. | burst from sb, come (out), emerge, fall, pour (out), slip (out), spill (out), tumble out He was nervous, and his words came out in a rush. His words fell inkhổng lồ the silence like stones. | stiông chồng in your throat He wanted lớn tell her how he felt about her, but the words stuông xã in his throat. | float, hang in the air I let my words hang in the air. Maggie was no fool: she must realize I meant it. | eđến, ring Her teacher"s words echoed in her ears. | fade (away), tail away/off, trail away/off His words faded to silence as he saw she didn"t believe hlặng. | hit/strike trang chủ, strike/touch a chord | sink in She could feel her temper boiling as his words sank in.

PREPhường. in a ~ ‘Would you lượt thích lớn help us?’ ‘In a word (= briefly), no.’ | without a ~ She left without a word. | ~ about We never heard anyone say an unkind word about her. | ~ from And now a word from our sponsors … | ~ of a word of advice/warning | ~ with Can I have sầu a quichồng word with you?

PHRASES get a word in (edgeways) I wanted to tell you that she"d phoned, but you were talking so much I couldn"t get a word in edgeways. | a man/woman of few words (= a person who speaks very little), sb never spoke a truer word/never was a truer word spoken You said we were about khổng lồ make a big mistake, & never was a truer word spoken! (= you were right), not a (single) word Remember?not a word lớn (= don"t tell) Peter about any of this. We didn"t say a single word khổng lồ each other all day. | put words into lớn sb"s mouth He felt after the interview that the police officers had been trying lớn put words into his mouth in (= lớn make hyên say what they wanted hyên ổn khổng lồ say). | take the words out of sb"s mouth I was about khổng lồ say we should cancel the trip, but she took the words right out of my mouth (= she said it before me). | a word in sb"s ear Can I have a word in your ear about tomorrow"s presentation? | (by) word of mouth The restaurant does not advertise, but relies on word of mouth for custom.

3 promise

ADJ. solemn She gave him her solemn word that she would give sầu up drugs.

VERB + WORD give sầu sb | be as good as, be true khổng lồ, keep He promised to help and was as good as his word. True khổng lồ her word, she returned next day. | break, go bachồng on Once he has made a promise, he never goes bachồng on his word.

PHRASES have sầu sb"s word for sth We only have sầu her word for it that the cheque is in the post. | a man/woman of his/her word You needn"t worry about hyên not paying you back?he"s a man of his word. | take sb at their word He said I could stay at his house any time, so I took hlặng at his word. | take sb"s word for sth I haven"t seen his work, but I"ll take his word for it that it"s finished. | your word against sb"s If it"s your word against the police officer"s, the jury are going to believe sầu hyên. | sb"s word is their bond, word of honour He gave me his word of honour that he wouldn"t tell anyone.

4 information/news

VERB + WORD bring, get, skết thúc He sent word lớn his family that his captors were treating him well. | get We didn"t get word of her arrest until the next day. | spread

WORD + VERB get out If word gets out about the affair, he will have sầu to resign. | be, have it The word is they"ve split up. Word has it that she"s leaving.

PREP.. ~ about Health workers spread the word about the benefits of immunization.