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Packaging was sort of minimadanh sách yet still nice – a hard open box slides out of the cover lớn reveal another piece of protective sầu plastic that covers the earbuds, which are nicely embedded in a contoured packing piece. Remaining accessories were neatly stored underneath the black packing piece.

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Included with the headphones:the tai nghe wire, which is detachable from the earbudstwo different sized replacement tipsmanual và support pamphlets

It took me a minute lớn get them correctly connected và positioned, but then fit decently well. The buds are a bit bulky và I had to use a larger replacement tip to lớn get an adequate seal & prevent the left bud from dangling out a bit. The ear pads are simply a piece of additional plastic insulation that’s elastic but not malleable, though if you’re willing khổng lồ put in a bit of effort you should be able to lớn mold them with a hair dryer.The wire is kind of twisted & woven together which I’m not a fan of – additional insulation would have been nice but this is probably how they keep the cost down. The microphonics was minimal at least. The angled 3.5milimet jachồng is nice và sturdy. The ZST Pro does has a version with an in-line mic for a few dollars more if you want one.All in all these are well built and decently comfortable earbuds.

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Spec/Performance Discussion, Listening Impressions, Other Related Observations

General impression: these are good sounding headphones, with no significant specific flaws that tkết thúc to lớn be attributable to lớn cheaper headphones. They do have sầu a very distinct signature though, one that I think is better suited for some types of music và also something that some people tend lớn lượt thích while others don’t.Sound signature: the ZST definitely has the proverbial flat khổng lồ V shape – good bass extension with very bright và crisp trebles, with excellent clarity and detail. You can really hear things like percussions & individual instruments. The mids are a bit recessed though, which results in a kind of thin and harsh sound with a bit of sibilance in some cases. It sort of felt lượt thích the air was getting sucked out of the fullness, is the best way I can describe the sensation of this sound signature. These also have sầu that so called sparkle sensation up top.Bass: the quoted response floor is trăng tròn Hz, which is average for this price tier, but the ZST’s bass extension was good. Drops sounded generally good & came through fully. There was a bit of thump & resonance on some beats, but while this is a sensation I normally don’t lượt thích personally, it felt nice with the ZST interestingly. No perceptible mud, grain, or bleeding.

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Power/Volume: the quoted sensitivity and impedance are 106 & 10 respectively, which theoretically means these headphones should be able to get very loud, very easily, but I actually had lớn crank the volume up more than normal lớn get these to lớn a decent listening volume. Probably a result of me trying khổng lồ get some more fullness with the V sound signature. I don’t see why any device would have trouble powering these.Isolation: I’d say on the light/medium side – decent enough to block out ambient noise for basic commuter use, but might not cut it for really noisy environments.Warranty: 1 year, which is comparatively average.

Overall Take, As Compared To The Competition

The now quite popular ZST Pro is a good sounding, decently comfortable, và well built in-ear headphone for a modest price. It has a very distinct V shape sound signature that’s very bright và detailed up through the trebles – some people like the clarity of such, while others (myself included) find it a bit thin và harsh và prefer a flat or even rounder response across the mids. I’d say these being a good choice is going khổng lồ depend on your preferences và how you plan khổng lồ use them.

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