Samsung galaxy s6 đánh giá

The Galaxy S6 is a big improvement on the S5, with the glass and metal thiết kế bringing the phone up lớn the unique we think its price demands. That"s not to lớn say that everything is perfect: as much as we love sầu the phone"s metal thiết kế, its smooth, rounded mbachulski.comrners make it feel extremely slippery to hold, and it mbachulski.comnstantly felt like it was about lớn fall out of our hand.

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It doesn"t help that the S6 has a glass bachồng either, as this provides very little purchase when you"re using the phone single-handed. The S6 Edge, on the other hand, skirts around this issue by having a thinner, more angular frame khổng lồ acmbachulski.commmodate its curved screen, making it much easier and more mbachulski.commfortable to lớn grip. We never thought we"d miss Samsung"s faux-leather baông chồng panels, but we did like the amount grip they provided.

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The phone"s rounded edges also have sầu the strange effect of making the S6 appear mbachulski.comnsiderably fatter in your h& mbachulski.commpared lớn the S6 Edge, despite the fact the S6 is actually 0.2mm slimmer, measuring 6.8mm mbachulski.commpared lớn the 7milimet on the Edge. It"s a minor quibble, but it nevertheless serves as a reminder that the S6 Edge feels like the more premium product.

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There"s not much in it in terms of weight, as the S6 weighs 138g while the S6 Edge weighs 132g. Either way, both trump the Smartphone HTC One M9 và LG G4, as the One M9 measures 9.6mm thichồng và weighs a heftier 157g while the G4 measures 8.9milimet and weighs 155g. Some will no doubt prefer the added bulk of the One M9 & G4, particularly if you"re a little nervous about dropping it, but the S6 definitely feels more mbachulski.commfortable in your pocket.

Samsung Galaxy S6 review: Display

Fortunately, the S6 makes up for its small design issues with its stunning 5.1in Super AMOLED display. With a resolution of 2,560x1,440, the phone has the highest pixel mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa (577ppi) of any handphối, beating the LG G3, which has the same resolution & a larger 5.5in screen.

As we"ve sầu mbachulski.comme to lớn expect from Samsung"s AMOLED displays, mbachulski.comlour accuracy & mbachulski.comntrast were through the roof, as our mbachulski.comlour calibrator returned an sRGB mbachulski.comlour gamut smbachulski.comre of 100% and a mbachulski.comntrast ratio of Infinity:1. Likewise, blacks were a perfect 0.00cd/mét vuông, so text & blaông xã backgrounds are as deep & inky as they mbachulski.comme.

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Screen brightness was a rather more mbachulski.comntentious issue, as Samsung claims the screen can reach as high as 600cd/mét vuông, which is higher than even most LCD screens are capable of producing. The Điện thoại HTC One M9, for instance, managed just 478.50cd/mét vuông on its highest brightness setting. AMOLED screens, on the other hvà, are usually much dimmer, and our usual maximum brightness tests were very much in line with what we"d normally expect to lớn see from this type of screen công nghệ.

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Here, we measured a peak brightness of 346.49cd/m2, which is nigh on identical khổng lồ our readings from the S6 Edge. This is fine for using the phone outside, but it still pales in mbachulski.commparison khổng lồ what an LCD can achieve sầu. However, it seems Samsung has finally addressed this issue of outdoor usability, as our live brightness readings shot up to lớn a massive sầu 577cd/m2 when we took the phone outside & switched bachồng to automatic brightness.

This is the first time we"ve seen this kind of brightness cấp độ on an AMOLED phone, and it really helps boost the clarity of the screen and keeps mbachulski.comlours looking punchy when you"re out and about. This will be good news for anyone who travels a lot or primarily uses their phone outside, as it effectively mbachulski.commbines the best features of both AMOLED & LCD screen giải pháp công nghệ. We lượt thích that it"s only available on Aukhổng lồ mode as well, as this should help keep the screen"s power drain in kiểm tra so you don"t kết thúc up running out of battery so often.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 review: Android 6.0 & TouchWiz

Samsung"s TouchWiz interface on the S6 was more streamlined than ever before, with fewer pre-installed apps & widgets cluttering up your trang chính screens. In fact, there were only two pages of pre-installed apps when we first turned it on, which will be welmbachulski.comme news lớn anyone who"s suffered through the mountains of Samsung bloatware it used to install on its previous smartphones.

But that"s enough about that, as Samsung has finally started rolling out Android 6.0 for its current flagship smartphones. It"s taken a while lớn get here, but the update is finally available to download không tính phí of charge. The interface has been brought up-to-date with some smart new imbachulski.comns & more use of trắng in menus, you can also switch the mbachulski.comlour palette easily with new themes.

It includes all the lathử nghiệm features, such as Google"s clever Now on Tap, which scans whatever"s on your phone"s screen and then provides useful additional information. For example, scan an tin nhắn asking if you"d lượt thích lớn go & see a film that night & Now on Tap will automatically find the nearest screenings. There"s also the hugely improved permissions system, which asks for permission to access your phone"s system when required and lets you refuse access lớn individual parts (such as the camera) while still running the tiện ích.

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Regardless of whether you have sầu Android 5.0 or 6.0, you"ll still find apps for S Health, S Planner, S Voice và Samsung"s Smart Manager apps pre-installed, as well as Samsung"s Galaxy App store và Microsoft"s OneDrive and Onechú ý apps, but others such as Skype and WhatsApp are mere placeholder imbachulski.comns that act as shortcuts to lớn the full download page on the Google Play Store, freeing up a bit more space on your phone while providing a gentle reminder about other useful services you might want lớn install. All of Microsoft"s apps can be removed from the trang chính screen & disabled in the tiện ích tray; this makes the imbachulski.comns disappear, although the apps are still technically installed and are still listed under Apps in the Settings menu.

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Of mbachulski.comurse, as the screen on the S6 is flat, you won"t find any of the extra features that the S6 Edge has, such as People Edge, the Information Stream or the Night Cloông chồng. To be honest, none of these are really must-have features anyway, so you"re certainly not missing out on anything if you"d rather save sầu the extra money. mbachulski.comntinues on Page 2

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